About Wider-Arcada

Wider-Arcada is the advanced design studio, providing services in a range of performing structural calculations, drawings and analysis. The working team consists of experienced group of engineers and specialists who are focused on client’s requirements and needs, so they can experince the technical excellence.


Founded in 1995, the „Arkada” company was based in Bielsko-Biała city, located in Silesian region of Poland. Initially focus on structural engineering, the company extended its services to road and bridge design. During the years Arcada gain broad experience within engineering and polish building low and expanded it services on the UK’s and Australian’s market. In 2015 the company marged with another design studio - Wider, to finally create the Wider-Arcada brand.

Current state

The firm works with broad-minded individuals from a different disciplines and stay in constant touch with scientific units, such as Cracow University of Technology. This approach gives the possibility to deliver high-quality solutions for complex engineering problems.

Area of activity
  • United Kingdom
  • Poland
  • Australia

Find out regions covered by our services. You can find our offices in Bristol, UK and Cracow, Poland.

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Wojciech Wieczorek

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Maciej Wosinek

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