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About us

Wider-Arcada is the advanced design studio with over 10 years of experience, providing services in a range of performing structural calculations, drawings and analysis. The working team consists of an experienced group of engineers and specialists who are focused on the client’s requirements and needs, so they can experience technical excellence. The company was incorporated by Maciej Wosinek, Maria Wosinek and Wojciech Wieczorek, who developed the studio during last years.

Close collaboration with customers who trusted our services and stayed with us for a long time gave us a stable position for sustainable growth, which Wider-Arcada is continuously experiencing. We work with Architects, sub-contractors, main contractors, developers and fabricators providing high-end engineering services resulting in cost and time-efficient solutions on the site.

Our Services


What we pay attention

to during our work

  • A practical approach for design - proposing optimal solutions resulting in efficiency during construction works
  • Always prompt answers for all questions, very good communication with the Client and Builder
  • Keeping the deadlines and always trying to fit the Client’s schedule
  • Clear graphical presentation of our work (high-quality drawings, tidy engineering report)
  • Always keeping it fair – we Focus on creating long term relationships which results in mutual benefits

We work with:

  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Construction companies (builders)
  • Fabricators
  • Individual clients
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